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Jan 15, 2006
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My plants were root bound so I transplanted. Right after I transplantted, new buds started to grow. I cut off the dead fan leaves and noticed that the remaning fan leaves were starting to get spots, curl and die. I need to figure something out, I am running out of mature fan leaves on some plants.
I transplanted to Miracle grow, didn't have many soil options right now where I live. Its nutes read 0.21%-0.07-0.14%. I Transplanted 5 days ago. I used only water then and haven't watered since, soil is stil moist. I don't know what the PH of my soil or water is. I am going to look into this though. What do I need to test the ph of my soil, and where should I go to get ph stuff for not too much money? What other steps should I take to help my plants? Any advice at all is greatly appreciated>
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It looks to me like your plants have started the dieing process. which would mean harvest is around the corner. How many weeks into flower are you?.
Its been 5 weeks since I switched to 12/12. All my females were budding after week and a half. I did notice some of the pistils are starting to turn red, but only like 10%. Was hoping to get better yeild, guess they were root bound for too long.
Then it is normal for the leaves to start to yellow. Rootbound really keeps the plant small and reduces yeild pretty quick.

I would look at those trichs closely now. Go get a 10 dollar microsope at radio shack or a jewlers loop. I would go for 50%amber trichomes.


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