Stupid animals

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Jun 28, 2011
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I come home to my plants after work yesterday to see my cat ate 4-5 petals off a couple of my plants. Anyone have this problem? I put a barrier up now so she cant get into them but I shouldn't have any adverse effects right?

And one more question, am I the only one who wakes up and goes to bed checking on their plants and sometimes talking to them haha. maybe saying goodmorning and good night will increase yield :hubba: haha
Cats need greens in their diet sometimes, and I have two, so I got a grass feed that grows like a chia pet that they eat instead of my plants. it works great and my cats like it. Your plants should recover as long as they have enough leaves still on them to absorb the light
Dont blame the animals because you didnt put a barrier up. LOL :hubba:
I always thank my plants for growing, and talk to them. I almost always say goodnight to them. It is crazy the amount of time this "hobby" takes, especially if you take into consideration the time you sit and stare at them. Tell me you do that too. Welcome to a new addiction. A very beautiful green obsession where phones don't ring( at least I can't here the phone over the fans.) and where most other people are not allowed.

Your cat needs greens. The MJ should be fine.
dman-I TRIED I swear lol I put 2 pieces of plywood 3' tall but she knocked it over. she rly wanted to try great white shark and cheese

meni-I have plenty of leaves she either ate half of teh leaf or just one petal off.
This is another of those subjects that comes up now & again. Catnip or cat mint outside the growroom helps, as does keeping animals out of your grow. I let mine in when I first started growing and soon got fed up of finding cat hairs in my bud!
I do think it is funny though when a cat eats mj, I have visions of stoned cats with couch lock, they would never move. "What, ME? Chase a mouse? Are you kidding, get me some chocolate pizza instead"
Peace W
The reason your cat only ate parts of the leaves is because cats really don't like MJ, but they need greens to be healthy so they eat whats available. when I started growing the feed grass for cats, they wouldent even go into the grow room any more, and I have not had a problem since. I am new to growing MJ indoors, but have been growing peppers indoors for years, though without HIDs, and my cats were a problem with my pepper plants too, but not anymore.
Woody-I def pictured my cat chillin with me on the couch watchin netflix haha

Iput up a baby gate so she cant knock that over and no way in hell she's jumpin that thing
lol, my cat can jump around 5x his own height and he is a big fat thing. I often thought he was the hungriest cat in the world but I am sure it is from all the room stones he has encountered over the years giving him the raging munchies. Never underestimate anything about a cat, when they do that thing where they look at you, then look away and lick a claw, that is what they are doing, plotting world domination!
One of my cats eats the leaves off mine. Then after about 30 minutes throws up all over the floor. Never touchs the buds for some reason.
Woody- cats are crazy man I thought i'd be the only cat lover on here. world domination and how much they hate humans is prly what tehy think amount most. I woke up today with her starring at me and I thought to myself "she's prly thinking how easy it would be to kill me and take control of the house" lol

Drone- I've had cats my whole life and this one has thrown up twice in 3 yrs and she ate it right after so no clean up lol. my other cat on the other hand throws up atleast once a month nastyness

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