Summer Solstice

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The Hemp Goddess

I love the long days of summer and today is the longest of them. The sun rose at 6:01 this morning and sets at 9:31 tonight where I live. So, how long is your day today?
Twi A: 3:30am
Twi N: 4:18am
Twi: 4:59am
Sunrise: 5:32am
Sunset: 8:31pm
Twi: (civil) 9:04pm
Twi N: (nautical) 9:45pm
Twi A: (astronomical) 10:33pm

Day length: 14h 59m
Sunrise 5:36 am and sets sets at 9:03 pm 15h 27min of daylight

The long road to outdoor flowering begins today, well tomorrow actually.
I dunno, but I saw the sun rise (was up at 4am) and will watch it set....
It came up this morning and I will let ya know when it goes down this evening...:) I love the long days as much better then the long nights.
5:05 am
8:52 pm

Happy Solstice Peeps. beautiful day here. that is one in a row. ;~)
Happy Solstice to you as well, Rosie!! And All! It rained here this morning and is now sunny and 85f! Gonna do a tenderloin (pulled pork) on the grill and relax!
You are all southerners by the looks of it.
Sunrise, 04:25. Sunset, 22:04

As a point of interest, this actually signifies the onset of winter in ancient calendars. If anyone is familiar with Stonehenge, what strikes you on visiting is that it does not point towards the summer solstace, it actually points to the winter solstace. I understand this is the most significant time in ancient calendars due to it signifying the onset of spring, rebirth, new life and the end of winter.

I totally agree with the sentiment of loving long summer nights, only here they are not very warm!! LOL

Peace all W
Sunrise, 5:39 AM
Sunset, 8:47 PM
Day length, 15.1 hours.

Fishing today, trying to catch bass, trying not to catch a sunburn!

Happy Summer Solstice Marijuana Passion!
looks like you're already catching a li'l "color" there tc...;)

Redneck Tank Top.jpg
Other summer solstice news from The Telegraph...

An eclectic mix of sun worshippers, hippies and pagans came out in force to celebrate the annual festival, along with many who were merely curious to experience the event. English Heritage said more than 18,000 revellers from across the globe gathered to witness the traditional Pagan ceremonies and the sunrise on the longest day of the year.

Druid Arthur Uther Pendragon, formally known as John Rothwell, conducted the service at Stonehenge at the prehistoric site in Wiltshire which is meant to reconnect people with land and the seasons.

The word solstice comes from the Latin phrase for "sun stands still".

The Sun's passage through the sky appears to stop, with it seeming to rise and set in the same two places for several days.

Then the arc begins growing longer and higher in the sky, reaching its peak at the summer solstice. The solstices happen twice a year because the Earth is tilted by 23.5 degrees as it orbits the sun.

Recent excavations of animal bones at the site suggest that huge midwinter feasts were held at Stonehenge, with cattle moved there to be slaughtered for the solstice celebrations.

Around 20 people were arrested on the site this morning for minor drug offences.

View the celebration here:
14 hours and the days get shorter now. Time to be planting . . . something or other.

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