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Good Day!
I grew tired of fighting heat and humidity, so I decided that it was time to harvest last night. A few photos of the plants as they struggled to stand up straight when removed from the tent. Both plants are hang drying in the tent today. No more gardening until the temperatures drop, so looks like a summer break for me. Wish I could grow outside…..I’m envious of those of you with outdoor gardens.

Gorilla Glue GG4 had a lot of crunchy leaves. Flowers look great, but trimming off crunchy leaves sucks. This is the plant that needed a flush but I couldn’t do it with the GroBuckets. This is the ugliest plant I’ve grown in several years… I’m not sure I will use GroBuckets again.

Gorilla Glue GG4 below.


Lemonade Haze looking much healthier. She had large colas with minimal leaves, so trimming was relatively easy.

Good Morning,
I left the plants hang drying in a grow tent with a humidifier set to 60% humidity. Took about one week before it was time to remove the buds from the branches. I did a poor job of wet trimming, so I decided to use the bowl trimmer for these colas which made a huge difference in the final appearance. I know the bowl trimmers knock off trichomes, but they’re so useful that I’ll accept that.

I’ll post some final bud shots next week from the jars.

I added a few microscope shots. While trimming the Lemonade Haze and putting it in jars, I observed that the Lemonade Haze is much frostier than the Gorilla Glue GG4. I was initially concerned that it might be powdery mildew, but the microscope shows it to be heavy concentrations of trichomes. These wireless microscopes are cheap and really useful.

I shut down the tents and cleaned them out for a break in growing for the summer. The humidity and heat are too much since I don’t vent external to the house.

Hope everyone has a great July 4th weekend!



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