The Night I Met Bob Dylan

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May 25, 2005
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It was my first date with this blonde and I took her to a nice restuarant in Malibu.
We get a table and she leaves to use the ladies room.
I'm looking around and who do I see at a corner table but music legend Bob Dylan, sitting with a few people.
I go over and I say "Mr. Dylan I want to say I'm a huge fan. I have most of your albums".
He smiles and says "thanks".
I said "I wonder if you could do me a slight favor. I'm here with a girl and I'd really like to impress her. If you could stop by on your way out and say "Hi ranger" that would be so cool."
He chuckles and says "I can do that."
"thanks a million Bob."
So about 10 minutes later I'm sitting at my table with the girl, and Bob stops by and says "Hi ranger how's it goin?"
and I said "**** off Bob can't you see I'm busy?"
Man BoB is a legend this year is his last year touring and you can bet Im going bob and Willie Nelson at the Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, KY the tickets are waxed though 50.00 bucks but I could give one shit to see bob in concert

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