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you add cheese topleaseI can make Joey smile and I can make Joey cry.

I had spaghetti for dinner tonight.

I had Ragu and hamburger for the sauce......... :)
A infamnia!
Truthfull as a part time certified guinea I like some jar sauces better than I like some peoples sauce.
You add spice to make it right
You add cheese to please.
FFS!, poetry b4 6:30 am .thats kinda special.
Special like the small bus to school special.
My fathers mother was from a small village outside of Palermo I use her recipe as a base for our meatsauce..........jarred is a sin against mankind.
agreed but in life everyday is not or needs to be a feast .
When I cook for a feast its a a feast .
I got some big shit to cook things with.
I portion out most and freeze a lot .
I also freeze the startings of somethings to make something else.
We had peppers out the keister.
I gots a ton of peppers and onions cooked a little and frozen .
In the summer my main sauce is a sauce with fresh tomatoes onion garlic kinda like a pomedero sauce.
May throw some spiced ground up lamb from aldis in there.
For me ,one of my favorite sauces is 2 heads of garlic and cut off the heads and put some olive oil and a wittle pepper and wrap in alum foil.bake 400 for 25 minutes .
Put some nice olive oil in a pan with 2 heads of garlic chopped like they did in Goodfellows.
Little parsly ,little salt ,good pepper and squeeze the cooked garlic heads like toothpaste into the pan.
Some nicea pasta adda some nicea cheese
Pasta Alio oli!

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