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You guys and your pizza! Been on my mind all day, and it only took one commercial on the tube for Hungry Howie's to cinch the deal. Garlic cheese crust with lots o' flop and every meat that's available with extra pepperoni of course.
I miss hungry howies biggly.........😣
Good morning vintage farts and fartesses! Let the joy of Weedsday abound!
That is so funny
I was a young rookie AMT with the FD many years ago, and had to be the second month I was running my own ambulance. I got a call for unconscious female but breathing, so off I went. As I rolled up to the address I could hear loud screaming but also women laughing inside as I knocked at the door. I unconscious person was now awake, and was the one answering the door, she was drunk as a skunk. She saw me and started to pull off my uniform saying to her frinds you guys got me a fireman dancer, and wanted me to perform for her.
I mean perform for her LOL........................... I slowed all responders down and canceled the call , so I was all alone, just me with a house full of HORNY women. I shiit you not.
So being the gentleman I am I explained to all her friends that someone called the Police and they sent me an AMT on an ambulance. They all thought I was the show.. Funny stuff.
I made the big mistake of telling a few friends back at work that night, man did I get ribbed by them worse than you guys do here , if that is possible.
They all said you should have took your meal hour and been the dancer for her.
She was very cute like the pic above by so drunk she stunk.
My ass would have been naked and taking on a new job.🥰
Thks I expected non less from this crowd
Man but what a story..................... I love telling it to this day.
Poor gal was so out of it she thought she was the dancer before I left.
I had a good time. Not saying anymore LOL
That article was exactly what that pos writer has done his entire career......... blatant anti white racisms.
He learned it in college as do all of our graduates as they are taught it from elementary on up.
Another couple generations it will just be accepted truth.
Good morning Old Farts. 23 and cloudy here. Gotsta shake the fog outta my head and get the squawkers fed. Not sure what the day is gonna bring, but I ain't doin' much. Supposed to warm up to the 40's in the next couple of days, so the outside stuff can wait 'til then.

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