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Jul 25, 2020
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Good afternoon OFC, I hope everyone is living their dream. I'm just chilling, smoking weed and playing my guitar this afternoon. the ice cream has got to wait until tonight. I spent a good part on the morning trimming a Headband plant, first time I've grown that strain but it looks and smells pretty (well pretty to me, a little stinky to non partakers). A little while back I sent for $150 worth of seeds but I only got four to grow. I think it was me more than the seedbank though, I couldn't get any beans growing for some reason. And for the same reason now they are cracking fine again. Anyhow two of the Headband female seeds grew and I have two Durban Poison babies, one of which I moved into flower this morning. They were regular seeds so I'm hoping for at least one girl. A boy and a girl would be ok then I could make beans. I've never smoked Durban Poison but it sounds very good. It sucks that I squandered $150 worth of seeds but as far as the money goes the Headband plant that I picked this morning looks to be about three dried ounces so I really can't complain.

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