The tie down technique !!

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bud boy

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Jan 13, 2006
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Ive herd alot of people tie down their plants, what is the overal reason for this? and im thinking about doing this as one of my plants is quite tall and i dont have that much space. should i do it ??

Every awnser counts people, u all have more expirience than me :D
It is also known as LST ot Low Stress Training. This is good for small grow spaces. You are tieing down the top. This promotes side shoot growth by evenly distributing the light over the whole plant instead of just the top.

Stoney Bud just started a thread the other day. He is currently training. He had a good pic in his post.
Bud boy check out the LST post earlier on this post site.I put some pictures in his post to show what LST looks like.Check it out.Pranicfever posted the question.

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