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Oct 13, 2005
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I didn't get a chance to go to wally world yet, So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recomendations on what type of timer to get for my lights and fans. My only sources are Radio Shack, Home Depot, and Wally World. If anyone has try'd it let me know,Thank's. Oh yeah, will I be able to hook up all my plugs into a surge protecter with multi outlets, and then connect the surge protector to the timer.
AZ..IMO, spend the extra cash and buy a "good" one, "heavy duty".(approx. 4x6 metal box) One that has to be wired in, Not the little cheap plug-in type. They are easily overloaded if you start running lamps, fans, ect.
well, this whole project MJ cab I made, I wasn't aiming it to be a big operation I just wanted to use regular items that I can buy at wally world or whatever(plug in's). I only have 3 cords to hook up and get going. I don't think three cords can over load a regular timer. Any more sug's PLEASE.....
you aloud to order on the internet bro.got a link to a electronic timer 8 outlets 15 bucks each
Nah, I can't order online, but it's cool, I went to my local hydro store (which i didn't know existed till today) and got hooked up with a digital timer and a PH\Moisture\light meter so I'm good in that department now!
just remeber. on the box for those florous. It says (on some of em) no digital timers. I use the cheapo wind up ones (AKA analog). Some of the pig tail florous blow when you put em on a digital. Read the box before hookin em up. ;)
you should be fine. hell i run all kind of stuff on my multi power outlet and dont have any probelms.
couldnt have got you this one for 15 bucks 4 timer outlets and 4 always on outlets 7 day timer can program 7 schedues on any day or whole week


well, I guess I'll do with what I got. Budget is getting smaller and smaller, So im gonna rig up a latch and get the weather stripping with poster board and Thats it.
just hook that timer to a 3 outlet cord one of the 10-15 ft ones that way ,you plug it to the timer and have 3 extra slots ,thats how i turn my fan aiming to the light ,one that stay on all the time to the plant
oh no dude .i had the same type of timer .it was my first ,never could get it to work ,so i went digital
Go to walmart and get a good digital $15-20, then go to an electrical supply store and pick up a 30A contacter with a 110v coil ($10). Cut the cord off your old junk vcr and wire it to the coil windings, then plug this cord into the timer. Wire the contactor up to break the power to your lights. This will handle anything you can put on it...cost around $30. Not bad for dependable.

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