two questions

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1: my plants are now a little over a month old and ive noticed they dont really have any branches yet. i started lst a little more than a week ago and only small leaves are coming out where the branches should be, could this be a problem or just the way the plant growing.

2:im using fish emulsions(4-1-1) and kelp(0-1-1) for veg and im not sure if i should mix these together or alternate feedings.
You may want to cut the tops, this will promote growth in the lower nodes....
As far as the fish emulsion...I use a mild 5-1-1 during veg, Which Im not satisfied with so I'll leave that one up in the air.
id rather not cut the tops, my plants have already been stressed enough from overfertilization, i was just wondering if anything could have caused this or is its just the genetics of the plant. and with the fertilizer i wanted to know if i can mix the two together and feed them at the same time, thanks for the input guys
If they're allready stressed form over-feeding, mixing two different types of nutes may just make the problem worse.
What type of lights are you using and how tall are the plants?
they were over fertilized like 2 weeks ago but have gotten better and now i can tell they need more. im using a 250w mh and i just started lst a week or so ago so i dont really know how tall they are but if i had to guess id say 1ft 1 1/2ft
The best way to get a plant nice and bushy besides for good light/feeding is topping them. You usually want to top a tad earlier than 1 to 1.5 foot of height, unless you are going to go monster with them.
thanks biffdoggie, i guess ill top it and see what happens, but i still dont know what to do about my fertilizer? anybody else have any ideas
Instead of going with two seperate, individualized nutrient components you could go with a good base product like FF or the likes, which will suffice well, then pick it up with other stuff if you like.
well i wasnt really looking to buy anything at the moment i just want to work with what i have, i ended up mixing 1/8 strength of fish emulsions and kelp, think this will work?

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