unrecognizable hybred

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Jun 11, 2005
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HEY, anybody ever graft a hop to a pot stem before? I bought a book by bill drake when i tried my first grow in 71, anyway he tells how to do it, im going to try to find some hop seeds or plants this week and try it. It looks like ahop plant but has the mj stems genetic thc potentcy?
ive heard something along that line back in the late 70's myself. allways wondered if it would work. that would be cool. let us know how it goes.. :)
I ordered some hop shutes , I still have my old book , so I'll let youall know how it goes soon I hope. I imagine hops probably grow as quick as pot.:)
What I read was that when you for instance graft hops on a pot plant, the hops grow but remain hops. No THC.
You can however make marijuana beer.
If you have heard of bill drake, you should know hes tried everything hes wrote about, hes almost the father of marijuana cultivation. anyway i have time and seeds, I'll try it and let you kwow whos right, sound fair? this all cameabout in the 40s when washinton dc and an eastearn univurisity were trying to make a hemp that the troops couldnt get high on. the us gov helped weed smokers more than themselves sometimes in thiere efforts.
Well, it looks like the maryhop is going to be next sring. just got hop seeds, man what a germination process, sand paper, 30 days in fridge germinating and then 120 days no frost after ground has warmed to 60 degrees. Dont have the season left. hop plants grow up to 25 feet a year i'd have to do it out side.:rolleyes:

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