Upcoming drug test



Hello. Looming in my near future is a drug test. This is for a job that will possibly be a life changer. Two days from now will mark my 5th week without smoking. Five days ago I carpooled with a friend and he smoked 3 times during the 40 minute trip. I rolled the window down and covered my mouth and nose with my shirt but I could still smell it strongly. The night before I quit, I smoked about 10 good sized bowls with 4 friends. Today I bought a marijuana home test kit. I did not try to flush my system to see if I could pass a test straight up. I failed the test. I also weigh in at 300 pounds which I'm sure doesn't help me any. I believe I will be able to get 2 or 3 more weeks of clean living in before I am tested which would make the total time without smoking 2 months. I'm also planning on retesting myself in a week doin the water flush thing to see if that helps. If this doesn't do it then I will be doin the sure-gel thing. Right now I'm open to suggestions on how to pass this test. Any and all help/advice would be appreciated. Thx all. Smoke one for me. -6t9

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