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Mar 24, 2011
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can hashish be vaped or is it just herb ??? i have some pollen pish stuff realy and dont fancy smokeing it so thout i may vape it
pollen is hashish that is sold about europ it was good when i was a kid pish stuff i was mening not so clean and good as once was.// i vaped it ther nice at first second shot not so nice good dunt theo
pollen is the male gamete of a plant :confused:

does your pollen get u high?

Me thinks you are referring to kief. Why try to vape condensed THC? Smoke it. It defests thr purpose of refining it. Smoking pure oil out of a hash globe is equivqlent to vaporizing.
I think he's talking about Kief.......Right???? LOL

If so...Yes you can vaporize kief no problem....I do it all the time
pollen is what it gets called for what reson i do not know it is hashih and comes in 200gram barrs it ma be spelt pollin think it comes from moroco i uesd to like geting some when the product was nice got you realy high grate summer smoke now days the product ant half as good shame i miss the good **** mybe it is keif but its been pressd and stamped by the morocan farmers

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