Venilation System-Is this a good idea???

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Jul 24, 2005
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Hi Fellow Gardeners,
Trying to get a ventilation system going here, but have a few problems with running out the furnace pipe. So I am considering this instead. For the air intake system use pvc pipe and run it to a window and put a dryer vent on the outside as the disguise. For the vent system run pvc pipe up thru the closet and into the attic and vent out thru the ole stink pipe. Run one fan into the room and one out. Can you use a computer fan for this or should I use a bathroom exhaust pipe? What do you think?? Is this doable??

The Scoobydoo
dont know scoobs.i would say but not sure that you could use a com fan . ever try using one of those battery operated fans . that may get a little exspensive a battery a day . ok bad idea id just blow in it lol. ok but in all seriouseness wouldnt you think if you vented it to the outside it would get a little cold in winter .how about maybe since youre using a dryer vent up anyways run it to your dryer . but then again it maybe too much moister sorry cant help .i donno ask ganga he will tell you . or disease .sorry buddy
Your best bet is to run a bathroom exhaust fan thru the attic to the outside. That's what's i'm doing in my garage with my grow room/cabs. bathroom exhaust fan $20 home depo, you also need the box kit with the pipes.

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