What is in your backyard?

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Ring doorbells kinda suck but I tried to have some fun on the app last night.

Nearly all the comments were telling me it was a bear. Uh, duh.

Everything is coming along great.
I have Rosemary,Dill,Basel,and Lavender planted in my boxes with my veggies.
Helps keep Spider Mites and Aphids at bay. Not to mention the Marigolds planted in trays at the end of some of the boxes.
Wish I could tap into that energy.
I am still worried when he is off leash. With his speed and prey drive, he could take off in a heartbeat. Looking into GPS collars for him and I need to reach him that the roads are dangerous though he probably only has one thing on his mind when off leash-freedom.
My dog caught another squirrel and was shaking the shit out of it. I ran over and made him let go. Other wise he would have killed it. He has already killed several. This time my Wife was screaming don't let him kill that poor squirrel.
Bet that squirrel thinks twice before he fks with my bird feeders again.ūüėĀ
I hear ya about the tainted stuff. If it saved my fanny and was absolutely necessary for life, I would. Otherwise, nope.
I take no medications and have had no forced vaccines. Wonder if my O+ blood would bring a premium on the market?

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