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Feb 23, 2005
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i work my butt off, i have nothing,,,the little time i get with the lady rasta we fight,,my children hate me the only thing i seem to have is my plant ,then i hear crap obout spending to much time with them ,,sometimes i wish it would all go away ,,,,,
life is like a wave ... sometimes you are up and having fun some other time you have a huge WIPEOUT. The important is coming to surface, have a good breath and go get another wave.
Been in your spot for some time ... but have worked my sh!t out.

Good luck rasta.
Hang on, baby--life ebbs and flows, grins and frowns, laughs and cries. It'll change.
I feel ya brotha. Trust me you are not the only one that is feeling it. Ive been broke and in debt for a couple years now and it sucks. And my girl gets jealous of the plants too. Your children shouldnt hate you so whats up with that?
Chin up little buckaroo, this too shall come to pass.
What is it all for? Your family. You have a family. Your kids probably don't really hate you, or they really do because they are at that age and will like you again. Don't give up man. You are their rock. You are the rose in your sig.
..rasta... "sounds like LIFE to me!"...
...ain't no fantasy...
just a common case of everyday reality!"...

keep yer chin up brah'... :)
That's life....the only thing you can do is make it better for yourself with hard work and a little help from your friends.
Let r out Rasta ;)
Hang in there bud...if it wasn't for the bummers the good times wouldn't be as good. :cool:
We all have days like that--hang in there--it will get better.

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