What to grow??

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Jan 28, 2011
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OK so I think I am going to just plant one strain that I got from my order from the Tude .So i want your guys opinion on what would be the best out of:,,,Dinafem Blue widow,,,G13 Hypnotic,,,Nirvana Ice,,,,,,,TH seeds Heavy Duty Fruity,,,,,TH Seeds Darkstar,,,,,Burmese Kush,,,,KC Brains Brazil,,,,,KC Brains Sweet Dreams...Tell me what you would grow first
Heavy Duty Fruity will bush out on you and I've seen good dry weights with HDF...So that'd be my choice for a single plant run!
cool thanks 420 I'm kinda limited to space that's why im only gonna do one
I think hamster has grown two of those Dinafem freebies. Blue widow and maybe the kushage. I am almost positive on the blue widow. Might be worth sending him a PM to see his thoughts, if he doesn't chime in with his opinion.
I would be cautious with Nirvana and not place special attention on thier products. IMO. I've only delt with Nirvana so I can't place any other opinion on the strains that you have suggested.
Just the nirvana autos were a problem. That ice should be dank. With the exception of the autos, I really like nirvana.
thats cool I dont mess with autos I just dont care for them
I had fem Papaya and only 2 of 5 germed. They turned out male. Not hermed, they had all the male signs,i.e., stretch, quick growth and all balls. I don't know what process they use but they aren't doing it right. They tried to make it right but it took over 70 days to get it to me. They said, forgot to put stamp on it, forgot to put it in the package and other excuses. They are off my shopping list. Oh, and by the way, I have 3 Jock Horrors of thiers doing great 12/12 in flower. Too, bad I had to run them that way but thier autos don't auto and that's what these were supposed to be. I should be smoking some of it by now.

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