Whats a tap root?

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Sep 19, 2005
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I was just reading the grow guide in this forum and it says...

One more tip:
A Russian study showed that seedlings with at least 4” of soil to grow the tap root were more likely to go female. The source I’m quoting says “This may be why some farmers get female/male ratios as great as 80%/20%.”

What exactly is a tap root?
i think i read somewhere that tap roots is when the roots go to sleep while you're playing taps?

no no no... i believe tap root is when the roots have no more else to to go...like a small goldfish in a small aqaurium. Roots are ;imited to their space in the pot.
Read the quote again...I think you misunderstood.

The quote suggests that the tap root is a single root that needs 4" of soil to grow and you'll get better chances of female plants..does this mean the tap root needs 4" of soil to grow downwards?

Can somebody help clear this up for me?
The taproot is the first root that the seedling puts down.
the tap root is a single main root, growing directly below the plant.

Ok thanks for clearing that up for me guys!
this jsut popped out of my head but has anyone thrown alot of seedlings (jsut like the one above) into a salad like sprouts.

mmmmm man they would taste soo good.

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