When to start fertilzing?

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Mar 31, 2005
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just wanted to verify this...im under the impression that there's no need to fertilze for the first 3 weeks from seed...true?

Also i have some of that Miracle Grow product and on the package it has suggested application rates but i'm not sure which one MJ falls under ?...the plant types mentioned are :

Annual Garden Beds (all flowers and vegetables) - every 7-10 days

All trees (fruiting and ornamental) - 3 times a yr

All shrubs (evergreen and flowering) - every 2-3 weeks

Potted plants and orchids - every 2-3 weeks

u guys have any idea which dosage would best suit MJ...?? im thinking once a fortnight is plenty.

i also have another fertilzer called 'GT COCO Enhanced', which doesnt have anything on the package suggesting how often to apply...anyone know how often to apply??...also u guys think using both of them is too much for the plant?

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