When will they learn??

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Jul 6, 2009
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:holysheep: Both dispensary in my area have their ALL their starts under 24hr lighting. I can't just put these gals out into the green house this way. Can I ? Kind of forcing whoever to get lights. Looking into seeds.
You can put them in the greenhouse and they should be fine. They may start flowering and go into reveg but that does not always happen. You will have to condition them to the sun but other than that they should be fine.
Yeah I would be worry from 24 hr lighting to the Sun..I run 24/7 veg lights and I been moveing some to my Green house...they show a bright green center but Im sure will be fine

take care and be safe
A couple days ago I put 9 OD from 24/7 T5 HO... So far no issues.

Ps... Not starts! These have been vegging awhile. The youngest is about 3 weeks from seed, but it wants the light!
i do it all the time. just pop my seedlings from 24/7 to outdoor or my clones if i feel like tossing some in my garden like last year. i usually start them under a tree until i see stretch...maybe a week at most

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