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I opened up the images to full size where everyone can see them better.
I opened up the images to full size where everyone can see them better.
Thanks, but now the photos donot show up on my ipad. ( I live in the country. I only have access via hotspot, & verizon is working on the towers to make the service better, by making the service almost impossible to use in the short term) But free free to enhance any thumbnails i post!
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Sorry Brother. Ill put them back like they were.

When you download the picture. Click Insert and then click full image.

Or are you talking about when you click the thumbnail it doest blow it up? I just clicked on them and they blow up.
the ones we have grown over the past 15 years are one of are all time favorites

the one we like the best is a peppery licorice anise smelling beast and a great day time smoke , enough energy to paint a house with a 6” Purdy paint brush

here is a photo of the ones we grew last year which were crossed with a Triangle Kush but the Durban really stands out in the fragrances

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Wow beautiful !!!!!!!!
Apple Betty progress from 5/10/23 to 8/10/23… prune or not to prune… that is the question
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