White Widow What The Heck!!

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Mar 30, 2011
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High All, hope everyones well! growing some ww and she's 73 days into flowering today and bursting with trichs:holysheep: I've kept my temp around 73-76 degrees during lighting and no less then 59 during sleep, the problem is that the trichs are all mostly cloudy! very little amber!!:huh: so she's obviously not done? or is she??

A friend told me he's gone 85 days on ww and the trichs never really amberd up, said the trichs looked about the same at 85 days as they did at 70:doh: there was a little more amber but not much! said it looked about like what my looks now, and that he wasn't able to get the heat up in his space to where mine is and that may have affected his grows trichs and time length?

But when he harvested the plant it was "KILLER" smoke! TOP SHELF good! but it never did amber up the way he was expecting.

So am I waiting for something thats not going to happen anyway? do some strains not turn amber as much as others? I'm still very new to this!!!! thanks​
How about a cpl pics? The trichs are the best way to tell but there are other tell tale signs that cld help...

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