why do they keep dying

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Mar 4, 2006
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everytime i germinate seeds in a moist paper towel then put them into the soil they die in 2 days. what is going on?
tell me everything you do from the time you germinate to the time they die.
i just put thenm in a damp paper towel for a day or two until they germinate then i put them in the soil so the very tip of the seed is sticking out and mist the soil so its slightly damp, then in a day or 2 they die
ok. after you germinate them take your finger put it in the dirt about a half inch to one inch with the root sticking downward and the seed head upward. be sure that the seed head is covered with dirt also then water. if you are using tap water be sure to let it sit for 24 hours to get all the nasties out. then stick your lights 2 inches above the dirt if you are using flouros. you should see sprouts in a few days. you should make a journal of your grow. list everything you are doing including: what kind of soil? what kind of lighting? venalation? ect..... take a look at my journal and try to do something like that. it will be alot easier to help you in the future.
the only lights i have are a 250w mh and a hid bulb for a desk lamp
thats way to close for a 250 watt mh. you should have that about a foot away. it sounds like you might be frying them. what are your temps in your growroom? do you have a fan blowing on your light?
sorry i didnt specify i have the desk lamp about 3 or 4 inches, the temp. is usually between 75 and 85, and yes i do have a fan
i wouldn't use the desk lamp. your temps are fine. but put the 250 watt mh like a foot above your plants. be sure that after you germinate your seeds to do what i said. all of your seedlings should be covered with dirt. give them a nice water and they shoud sprout in a few days. be sure that your pots have some holes in the bottom for drainage.
how big are your pots? also dont mist seedlings this is a no no.
im just using small peat moss cups, and i didnt mist the seedlings just the soil
watered when i first put them in and misted when it got dry
dont bother with the misting. just plant the seedlings and water them. ya know dont drown them but give them enough. if your pot is looking a bit dry stick your finger in the side of it about a inch or so down if it is dry give them some water.
no problem. i hope you get your grow going. you should try and get better pots also.
one more thing, how long should i wait before planting them, i usually wiat till about a 1/2in to an inch

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