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Jan 19, 2005
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Hi All,

I've wanted to ask this question fora while, just haven't got around to it...

When growing in soil, is a shallow pot better/worse/same as a deep pot. For example, would a 1 gallon margarine tub (only about 4 inches deep) work the same as a 1 gallon flower pot from Home Depot (its about 11 inches deep)?

Just a question. Vertical space is my new issue ( and I do know about ScrOG, LST and topping) and was wondering of a way to resolve it.
The more space the roots have to grow the bigger the plant can get, but if your worried about space problems then the margarine tub should do the trick, just drill/poke some holes in the bottom of it for drainage.
would I have to water more often if I go with the shallow tub? (factoring in soil evaporation)??

also, would I be more at risk of nute defficiencies considering it would be near-impossible to water evenly?
Well what I would do is get some holes in the bottom of the magarine tubs and have another tray sitting under the tub to catch what drains through the bottom. This way you will probably need to water every 2-4 days depending on temp, humidity, air flow ect.

The easiest way is just to water the plant until you see water draining out of the bottom of the tub into the tray. Once the tray is dry and the soil no longer feels damp you will water again and repeat. This isnt the best way or the only way I just like it because its simple and it works.

And as for nutes, as long as you use fresh soil for each grow and get some good flowering nutes you will be fine. Distilled water is best for watering, but Ive gotten good results with tap water. I dont think youll need to worry about watering evenly because when the plant is thirsty itll just suck up all the water in the soil around it.

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