Will I Pass?

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Nov 10, 2005
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Hi there,

Ive been reading alot of the msgs here and thought Id ask my own ???'s
I am a very Heavy smoker - everyday - for the past 15 yrs ;)
I stopped smokin on Sun (today is Thur) Ive drank water - Lots of water - I also got the Xtreme cleansing liquid - as well as the Sure-Jell. In your opinion do you think I will pass my test today? Also does anyone know if they will allow me to take my test while menstruating? (sorry guys lol) Because I CAN NOT go another day with out smokin!!! I have some kick ass hydro thats callin my name :D

thanx Bunches
go to yer nearest gnc ask them to give you some (STRIP) the shit works it does not take the weed out it has enzimes in it that bond and mask whatever you have in your piss angel i swear buy this shit

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