Will This Rascal Finish?

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Aug 13, 2018
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Ok my friends so this is sort of a general question. This is a Three Blue Kings I have had growing for almost exactly three months. Started in my tent under LEDs and brought to finish in the sun as I got rid of my grow kit.
I am at full mercy of the UK sun and although she has crystals a plenty I don't think she will finish in time before the light cycle here reverts her to veg. My other little one is an auto so I needn't bother about that.

I guess the question is if the light changes before she finishes what is the option? I was thinking just harvest as she is and if the buds are no way mature just dry and cure and then make some hash from the kief and scrap the buds. Any better ideas guys? She might finish yet who knows but it is no mega loss if not, I enjoy having them about the place.





Let her go as long as possible. When she stops production of buds,,keep an eye on the trichs and harvest when you see no more bud growth. Not sure what else you can do.
If you can,, you could bring them in and put them in the dark after she gets 10 or 12hrs of light from the sun everyday . Ive actually grown plants outside using that method to flower. I put them out in the morning and brought them in for their dark period.
I think you’ll be in good shape - do take the advise to only let her get 12 hours of light and keep in the dark for the rest. Could go 11 hours and try and hurry then along. Not sure about your local day/night schedule but hopefully Mother Nature makes that happen naturally (assuming you don’t have a lot of light pollution/street lights around to mess with them)
Sweet nice one guys. Since we will be losing light I have no choice but to let the sun do her thing and hope. She's looking healthy as too and crystals galore so would be a shame if she didn't get there but some bud is better than no bud even if I do just use it for kief or something.
As long as it stays below 12 hrs of light a day it should be fine.
I'm not a geography specialist, but aren't the UK and USA on the same seasons? I live in the Great white north of the USA and mine are not even started to bud yet, I will run till the frost with my days getting shorter every day till Xmas. Idk but the winter solstice is 12/21/2020 after that date the days will start getting longer as that is the shortest day of the year:D

Yes on a hemisphere perspective but I’m in the Great Lakes region and growers in the mid Atlantic and South west have fairly different grow seasons. Things are weeks if not a month or more apart. I only do veggies outside and our season is much shorter than I would like it to be
Hey daddiudiidii,

I started my od grow indoors under a 630w DE CMH. I put them outside may 19th. You can see them in my thread in the outdoir sub forum. I fully expect them to finish and am about to put out 4 more plants. The ones I put out prolly tomorrow (hardening off atm) will prolly only yield a pound maybe 2 each, but it is still worth the price of admission:D

Man im sorry bro,but every time i read your post,,, i hear it in Stewies voice and laugh my butt off.

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