willing to help,or **.new here,not to the garden though

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Pistil Pete

Pistil Pete
Aug 1, 2011
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Hi my name is Pete.I am new here, but ive had my licence here in RI for 4 years, and ive learned something new every time i grow, so ive learned quite a bit of stuff that may be overlooked. I also enjoy helping people if i can. My biggest problem is finding a trustworthy grow spot, long term. Im open to idea's from any RhodeIslanders, or anyone for that matter. It sucks to have equiptment, knoledge etc.. but such a tough time with a semi-perminant spot. I have a crop due in a month, but not sure if I wanna stay. People can get strange!
drop me a line anytime, Pistil Pete
Welcome to MP Pete......so let me see if I got this straight.

You are a legal grower from RI who is currently growing in a space where the people are strange and this makes you want to find a better spot? How big a grow do you run? I run three tents in a spare bedroom....only person getting strange around here is my wife every month for a cpl days......:eek: Damnz PMS....:p
ok, i get it. After reading it, i realised how stoned i was when i wrote it. The new guy always gets picked on haha. But yes u got it mostly right. Legal grow, not in my home. I do have a tent, but the house is too small, & it wouldnt hold 24 girls anyway. And when I said funny, I meant the kinda funny people get after 3months of work come and go, and they see these nice colas, and get "funny" by wanting to switch an agreement kinda funny. You guys know what I mean, right?
Pistil Pete

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