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Feb 20, 2006
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As I write some posts, I think to myself.. bullshit. For example, I just write that when in full swing (6 plants) they go through 5 gallons of water every 3-4 days. That's not bullshit, but it's hard to believe. But, I keep a spreadsheet of any thing I do as far as adding water, PH up/down, nutes, karma, PPM, pH, what type of nutes and water temperature. I do this at least twice a day. Also, as far as root growth, they are currently growing at about 3 feet a day and the plant is growing about 6 inches a day. With the cool tube I can get my plants as close as 8 inches from the light.

For example, this month or within the past 23 days with 1 screwed up plant and a runt I've gone through 20 gallons of water.

My average pH is 6.2

PPM is 486

Water temperature is 68.6F

I've added 60 drops of pH down

40 Tsp's of grow and 10 of karma

I didn't invent this, it's just how they grow.

Doesn't that happen to anyone else?

Here are some pictures from my last grow while I moved into my new place.
The first ones are october 2.
The third picture is from November 4th.
The full caabinet picture is from Nov 1st.
My airconditioner vent....
November 27th is the day before harvest. That's the picture of the bud that's a little smaller than my forearm.

the picture with a bigger roots and october 16th.







are those clones or seed? what strain? Looks great.
I think it's blue berry and one Califonia Orange. Clones, 7th generation, maybe 8th. 9 is on it's way and just cloned for 10.
Eggman, tell me again what type of light that is. You called it a cool tube. Is that some type of flouro?
A cool tube is any light within a larger glass tube with a fan pulling the hot air from the light. You have to make sure the glass is thick or it wont help too much. In the one that you see, there is a HPS 600. I just customized the end a little.
Where exactly can i get one of those tubes that's big enough to fit around an 1000w hps?
I don't think a 1000 bulb can fit in a 19 in piece of glass? Isn't the bulb pretty long? A 400 fits 15 inches, a 600 18 and a 1000 21 inches. Buy glass and customize it your way.
Hick, you check out my pH chart. It adds secondary nutes. I didn't know cool tubes where mass produced... Any idea how longs that's been going on? I thought we sort-of invented it a few years ago while I was taking glass glasses at school.
How about my grammar? Sorry Hick, I mean to say something like, check out, or please check out, not.. you check out...
Its a "sticky" now eggman :) I'm trying to get us a forum (FAQ) to put those kinda' pertinant posts. THANKS

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