Yellow veins

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Jun 9, 2011
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are yellow veins a sign of deficiency? im finding some leaves on my two week olds main veins are yellow and the leaves dont seem to have vigor in them.
potassium in it early stages can have a yellowing effect. Be sure you PH is right first before treating in any way tho
Yeah I agree with Ozzy, yu could have a ph issue. Those being 2 weeks old shouldn't have been fed much in the way of nutes so they could be tellin yu its time to feed me now.
Just went through the same thing w/ some BLZ bud seedlings. At 5-10 days they developed yellow central vein. Battling some high temps 95+ F daytime, and 85-90 F eve temps, so I re-calibrated PH instrument. Sure enough, ph too high. Running hydro, so I adjusted ph and all new growth was fine.
PH is key, so check often, especially in hydro, and when temps are running high.
yeah my ph is around 5.7 to 5.9 all the time and i have 2 oscillating fans so it was strange that i had this problem but i think it was a little deficiency though due to the root problem i had earlier but thats almost gone now and both plants look a lot healthier and one of them has really taken up the vegging spirit.

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