Yellowing on older leaves WW

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White Widow from seed

This plant is 7 weeks old. It is in a small single plant dwc bubbler, around 1 gal. ph is between 5.4 and 5.6 and EC has been as high as 2.5 but is now back to 1.9. It is drinking around 200ml per day.


This plant had some early problems, mainly with me trying to kill it as a seedling as I do all my seedlings (I will get it right one day!) For the last 3 weeks, it has come on really well and has a nice canopy.
I took some clones from it at the weekend which are the best clones I have ever taken, no wilting, no discoloring, "up" facing leaves sucking in the light building new roots.
Anyway, my concern is the yellowed lower leaves shown in the pic. My first thoughts were an N deficiency so I have mixed up a new batch of nutes which I will put the plant into tomorrow.

Is this the right diagnosis and correction? of should I be looking to use just ph'd water or epsom salts or H2O2???
Help appreciated as always.


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