your favorite songs to listen to while stoned

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Feb 2, 2006
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hey friends, i have been listening to tunes while i was high and although every song is 10 times better it seems there are certain songs made for listening to while high. if anyone could post all or a few of their favorite songs to listen to while high i think it would be really cool. let the posting begin!
Anything Roger Waters, Pro and Cons of Hitch-hiking, or Radio Chaos. Modest Mouse is always good.
well i dont listen to rock but i listen to rap and 2pac and biggie bone thugs is always good but there this song called smoking weed in my cadillac by master p goo song when blown heheh
Try Out

Panic! At the Disco....Good stuff...
lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off is a great track..
that song and The only differance between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage... Check it out
I am a whole album kind of guy.

Stevie Nicks (anything)
Garcia and Grisman
Nine Inch Nails

and some coltrane if in that mood (rare, but happens)

(I know all over the place, depends on my mood and high)
old genesis played live with chester thompson on drums (think ill go smoke one )
Song: When the Levee Breaks
Artist: Led Zeppelin

It starts with a harmonious melody. Cool rhythm guitars fronted by a mythical harmonic sorrow. Song peaks at the end with a Mozart-like finale, leaving you in a trance....going down now, going down
I seemed to really fall in love with this band when I was high my freshmen year in college, but the band Air is the shit.
I recommend:
1. Radian
2. La Femme D'Argent
3. Surfin On A Rocket
4. All I Need
5. Modular Mix
6. Run
7. Sexy boy
8. How does it make you feel?
Radian is a killer and run is really tight too. Surfin on a rocket is a must if driving, not that I endorse it. It made one of my friends “brain tickle” as he put it. These are not necessarily their best songs but I really trip out to them with a joint and some headphones. Headphones are key or a good pair of surround speakers that way you can really take advantage of the channel shifts and fade in/out’s. This French band has been known to send my friends into uncontrollable fits of smiling.... Their entire discography is worth checkin out if you get into this type of atmospheric rock.

If all else fails pink floyd or Tool is a go to.
i mostly in the rap scene,but i do make exception on certain rock artist
,if there good ,as far as rock ,gwen stafani ,maroon five,pod pretty good that new song goodbye for now ,and james blunt pretty good ,i never buy there albums though, only albums ill buy is pac,scarface,nas,eminem,jay-z,camron,beinieseigel,mobb deep,bone thugs ,thats pretty much it,even though bigs tight i still wouldnt buy his album ,you would understand if your a pac fan. yeah bone thugs and harmony is good for smoking,alot others ,you know
I'm a geezer so I tend to listen to older stuff, but I have a son and daughter that turn me on to pretty good music on occaision. Have any of you guys checked out Jason Mraz. If you download or have access to any of his music, check out "Cubside Prophet" or "Wordplay". This guy can throw lyrics at you faster than a stoned mind can process them.
Mutt on full album note: you should try Vast's Visual Audio Sensory Theater... it my friend is amazing..
pranicfeve said:
Vast's Visual Audio Sensory Theater
vast are the shit when you're blowed. i liked "music for the people" more though.
i think any music is good when your stoned.....
latley ive been into A Perfect Circle. Anemia by Tool is good. I fell in love with System of a Down when i read the lyrics along with the music while i was stoned. But id have to say some of my favorite music stoned or not would have to be Rage Against the Machine! i love them
Kings of Leon is one of the better new rock bands in my opinion. The singers voice is very unique, you might hate it at first but after like 3 listens the sound is awesome. They remind me of led zeppelin or the who but sometimes lack in the lyrical aspect. Modest Mouse, as mentioned before, is great while stoned. Thier lyrics are pretty amazing. They do alot of drugs and some of the things they say will just trip you out. Check out the entire album called "The Moon and Antarctica" Also alot of the 60's stuff is awesome. Try out Donovan, most notably the song 'hurdy gurdy man' and some of the animals stuff is good. Pink Floyd will always be one of the ultimate get stoned music with Piper at the Gates of Dawn being an awesome album especially while stoned.
Modest Mouse will never do you wrong
Pinback is a little known but impressive band
Pink Floyd is always the best ('Breathe' especially)
Mellowdrone is unknown but have a sound that fits the name
Johnny Cash songs are good for a listen anytime
Interpol and She Wants Revenge have droning leads that send you somewhere
The best I have to say(other than Floyd and Zepplin) would be anything involving maynard james keenan(TOOL, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle) and also Queens of Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal
I'd also check out Matisyahu(the Jewish Reggae artist, inspired stuff)
I'll listen to pretty much anything, but these are the best when I'm looking down on the world.
A few years ago, a band called Days of the New released one album and the broke up. They had some outstanding stuff. They have since re-formed as Tantric but without the same lead singer/acoustic lead player; that guy was the SHIT!!!

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