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    Made In Canada

    Rosterman Can you explain how you store beans with rice? lol no really?
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    2nd journal..trying dwc

    Hey Guys.. Hope weather is better in the south... I got two questions. Is that homemade system or is it just cheaper to get 4 bucket kit? If concrete floor stays 60 65 year round, that would be good for this system right?
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    Are L.E.D.'s worth it?

    Have you looked at any HLG lights? They also have DIY kits. Great lights!!
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Wonderful feeling isn't it? lol Everything paid for now we have to stay healthy! :cool:
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Yes Roster Add 12 qt bag of perlite to bag of OOF or Happy frog. I got well over 2 lbs 4 plants in happy frog. Was using the trio also. This time around I'm going with AN nutes.
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Hey guys! Ocean forest is a little hot for young plants. Happy frog is great soil too but not quite as hot. Big bag of soil and small bag perlite.
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    First time cannabis use tips

    I don't drink anymore, I cant, like it a bit too much. Anyway back in the day I could never mix pot with alcohol. I'd get sick as a dog! Most my life its been one or the other. This hobby is much safer, cheaper then drinking.
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    What should my next grow be?

    Put some mosquito bits in all your indoor pots.
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    Brown spots on leaves week five in flower

    JK .. I was using the water from dehumidifier and it started getting slimy in the catch container. Is this bad for plants? I stopped using it, because after cleaning it with bleach water it just came back week or so.
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    Flushing plants

    Great post Dude!! Good reading.