3 weeks in flower/question

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Jun 27, 2005
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These plants are 3 weeks into flower and for the most part, are looking better than I'd hoped, but I'm noticing some of the smaller flowers on the lower branches have already started to turn a reddish/brown color, while the main and upper colas are still all white. Is this normal, or does it indicate another issue altogether? Tried to get a zoomed shot of the hairs that are changing color, but my camera sucks.
Is it also normal for the lower fan leaves to begin yellowing and dying/falling off as the plant gets further into flower?
Thanks for any help---

8weeks 002.jpg

8weeks 003.jpg

8weeks 004.jpg

8weeks 005.jpg

8weeks 006.jpg
Yes. Both are normal. The buds will have two stages, The first growing stage and the fattening stage (as I call it). The second stage will look like buds are growing all over the outside of the buds, like little popcorns. You'll have to see it I guess. But it's perfectly normal. Once that happens they will all turn red from the top down, ignore the ones on the bottom for now.

The leaves will yellow as the plant draws the food out of them to build the buds, let them yellow and die, dont pull them off.

Lookin good man. Keep it up.
Thanks DS, that's good news---
How's your SOG going? I'm trying to come up with the best approach to get mine going for the next grow. Thanks for the info, as always--
hey ur plant looks great in that setup...how old is the plant...let us no how much it yields....hey u guys know if a bird piked baby leaes off the bottom of the plant and the stem is left,will they grow bak just fine or did i loose them forever..just put it in a bird cage for seurity...appreciate ur help
haha i like the picture of the door opening and a field a matijuana is right there staring at you to be picked...
Um, excuse me, but I think there's some marijuana growing in your closet.
I know, just a few days ago all I had in there were some cheap suits and and old bag of seeds...

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