35 years of dirt and finally hydro.

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Jun 11, 2005
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Hi, I'm new here.I was going to show some pics but having tech problems. mabey tomorrow anyway 2 plants topped at 6 inches are 2 1/2 weeks into bud. 4 weeks veg stage from rooted clone. 6 weeks flower @ 12/12 and they will be ripe. My friends plants took xzactly the same time. hope to learn some ,maybe teach some here.
Heres some pics. 1st pic is CK1 ( friend named it after mountain girl he got origoinal clones from ). 2nd and 3rd pics are poor white widow that the lights fell on and broke it half way up stem, You can see my popsicle stick splint. Its pretty much healed right now, almost aweek now and I probably could take splint off but ill wait a bit



nice setup doobz...so in that first pic theres only 2 plants?..looks like more...

how tall are they? and how big is ur grow area?
greenbandit, there is 2 plants. they were toped at about 8 inches.. its a closet a little over 2' by 46'', foil lined. they are 40 '' tall with 3 weeks left. Heres a pic taken tues. at 7:30 pm 20 days left 22 days gone.

Hey Doobie, that's looking fine man.

I'm sure those buds will be twice as big at harvest time.

What lights are you using?
Nice plants Doob, looks like your box is filling up quite nicely. :)
Thanks Weed, I was'nt sure wat results I'd get, My first indoor grow, and 1st hydro.:)
For a 250 watts they're looking real good. Pretty big already!

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