8 weeks. Nirvana K2. pic's

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Diseased Strain

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Jan 29, 2005
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Sup guys. I see goldie is still kickin ass on the posting. Good luck on the AK dude. Post some pic's in a few weeks.

Here's my babys on there first day of 12/12. I put them in some 5 gal pots, added a little bone meal, and some bloom booster. Some were just about root bound. Havent had the time to get them thransplanted till today. I had to trim off alot of leaves but most of the nodes are fine. Still some yellowing but it should clear up, I have no worries.

They are 8 weeks from seed today. #4 is a female. She showed first out of 8. I'm hoping this little one with the packed nodes is a female. She's smaller but tighter. I took 4 clones of each. We'll see what the other 7 are in a few days I guess.

hey so i assume u've been veging for 8 weeks?...and wat light u been using?
Hey, DS. Good - looking girls you`ve got there! Mine are doing well so far. :)
Thanks goldie. And yeah. 8 weeks old to the day. Veged under a 400w MH. Flowering under 400w HPS now.
That top pic is very pretty. Get another pic soon, please...we like to drool here. ;)
Hey guys. Thanks for the comments. It's been 5 days now and it's time to water the plants. And what do I see ? All the plants have shown sex ! So I pull them all out and it was verry easy to see that I had 5 females ! I checked all the nodes on the females. No hermies ! I gota say I'm happy with Nirvana so far. 10 of 10 seeds cracked and rooted. All made it to veg, I kept the best 8. 5 of 8 were female. Oh and the little one I wanted to be female ? Infact is a female. She's #6. And for 20 bucks, Hell yeah.

Sup NTC, thanks man. The box is 4x4x4. I could have went with a 600w light. The 400w is doing good for the space. The plants stretched a bit, but I didnt have anything to put the plants on till the 4'th week of veg. So they started 3 feet away from the light. So take that stretching out and the light isnt doing that bad of a job. I'll see how it flowers and see if I need to go with a 600.

Sup goldie. Good to hear the Ak's doin good.
And of course I got more pic's !

Dude they have grown atleast 10 inches in the last 5 days. As you can see in some of the pic's they grew up into the light already. I put them on the floor today. And I still only have 12" of space between the light and the tops. I'm going to have to start tieing them down or something. I was told by many over at OG that K2 doesnt stretch that much in flower. Well, except for 1 out of the eight plants. They are full of shit. And I'll let them know later. :)

Oh and they are lookin so much better since the transplant.

Check'm out.
And some more :)

These are some better pic's of them outside. I used the flash this time.

#3 #7 and #5 are the males. The rest are the females.
Looking good D strain, this is a great grow report so I'm moving it to the grow journals, ok?
Beautiful, DS! What strains do the K2 come from? Give us some info. Thanks. :)
Thanks MP. :)

As far as I understand it. The K2 is made up of a White Widdow father and an Afghani mother.
I'll check on that cause I'm not that sure. :)
Fine genetics there, my man! Grow on! ;)
:p Well, brag, you dawg! :p I`ve been dying to grow a WW ever since I saw the first pic... :p
LoL, I wish they would hurry up so I had something to brag about !

It's gona be hard to wait that long. You know I'm gona have to sample. :)
Are you seeding or doing clones? And sample = sample - not a big blunt - lol ;)
DS, go do an intro - you are only 43 posts away from being eligible to win the contest!
Goldie said:
Are you seeding or doing clones? And sample = sample - not a big blunt - lol ;)

Clones. I dont ever want a male in my grow box again. I'm lucky I caught the males before they opened. I might seed one some day. If I ever have a shortage of clones. Or my mother is wearing out. Other then that I'll probably just stick with clones.

I wont be entering the contest. To risky for me. Someone would need to give up some kind of contact information and It's not going to be me. Sorry.
Good luck on that and congrats to the winner though. :)
Dude, believe me, you could trust NTC with yer LIFE! He`s no dummy. ;)
It's not that man. Realy. And I hope nobody feels that way. It's not a thing about trust. I have a wife, kids, 3 car payments a morgage and a boat payment. I'm not going to put them in any danger for something I probably dont realy need anyway. It's not a trust issue. It's a safety issue. For my family.

Now if I was 20 years younger. Livin at home or at at verry least, a minor. Then Hell yeah. But, that was to many years go.

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