A week of R&R

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Git "R" lit
Apr 19, 2005
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Needed the break. Spent the week pursueing the "warey, wiley, wapiti" at 10,000 ft. in some of the most beautifull mountains in the world.
Wow, I would love to just sit back, light up fatty and just stare at the mountains. Thats hot man!!!:cool:
nice man, glad to have another fellow outdoorsman in this forum
phuck..these are the San Juans, in S.W. CO. not too many miles from the famous "Wolf Creek Pass"

ladyK'... ;) I managed to squeeze in a session or two :D Actually, I been hunting with some of these guys for 20 yrs., and only discovered fellow stoners this year!

theman'..."ditto". If there is a season on it, I will pursue it. :)

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