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congratulations on the harvest!

everything must stink to high heaven!
Yea I went with better nutrients. All organic with microbes. A lot of it has 3 to 4 weeks to go. It's much stronger. I get them yesterday. I dug a small hole with a 1/3orcmesering cup to add the bud nutes then cornered it. Every time I dug I dug up a big fat earth worm. That ground is full of worms. The woods are bad thick. I see deer every time. I know if there's a deer close to the plants there isn't anybody there.
We've been getting lots of rain. Everything was wet and I looks pretty good. I didn't see one bud with bud rot. One leaf hopper and no catipillars.
I'll wish everyone a happy harvest.
Holy cow. Big nugs. I just started trimming. 15 minutes look at my gloves.
I'm still battling some issues. Plants will look great but end up really airy. Some do better than others. But they dry Down so much. The nettles are putting nitrogen in the ground so they look ok till they dry. They will turn really leafy at the last trying to compensate for everything else. I thought it was because the sun falls below the tree line about september and the sun is not as direct. So I started a new place the has good sun but same thing. I'm in the woods I can't take bags of dirt. I'm thinking of digging out holes and filling them with all the rotting logs. Then add what I think it needs instead of playing catch-up. I'll send a leafy pic. Like I said a few are ok. But I'm working on some issues.

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