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May 3, 2008
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Alright so heres my deal. In my veg room i run a dripper system and in my flower room i use an ebb and flow table.

The question is I have an old air pump from my DWC days.

Im sure it would help out to add oxygen to the water in one of my rez's but which one i was thinkin my dripper system because the ebb and flow pumps all itw water up and drains and info on which to do thanks
IMO the drip system would be better it does not have the water movement the ebb and flow system does so the disolved oxgen in the water would be less.
Good deal thats what I was thinkin just wanted some reassurance thanks
One more probably stupid question but what does IMO mean
thanks Duck my spellchecker keeps asking me what language I'm using.:rant: hillbilly ain't on the list of choices
Both the ebb & flow and dripper systems recirculate the solution so both have an element oxygenation going on. When I ran both these systems, I set them up so that when they drained, they made as much of a splash in the res as possible.

IMO, if you can, add airstones/pumps to both to see improved results though the better the veg, the better the final plant will be.

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