advise needed desperatly!!!

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Pistil Pete

Pistil Pete
Aug 1, 2011
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Hi, my name is Pistil Pete, I am a licenced patient in RI, and are fairly new to this forum. I need some good advise asap. My grow is at my uncle's place, and he is still in the learning phase of the whole thing, and I guess doesnt know how important some things are. Because we switched the electricity over to 220, we noticed that our reg timers were useless, and needed to order 220 ready timers. In the mean time, my uncle said he would take care of things manually. I didnt think he would fail at such an important task, but he did.
We switched the light cycle over to 12hrs on-12hrs off, to trigger flowering 11 days ago. Well, last night he had too much to drink, and never turned the lights off!!! Im so upset, all the work, and dedication. WHAT DO I DO??? turn the lights off now and put them back on tomorrow? the cycle is supposed to be, 9am-9pm on, and 9pm-9am off. besides getting a timer, how do i fix this, and what should i expect?
Thanks for any suggestions. Pistil Pete

Carry on with your normal 12/12 like it never happened.

...and get them timers

Good Luck
i would have shut the light off asap and left it off until the next normal on time, ie shut it off now and turn it on at 9 am tomorrow.
sounds like your unc does'nt take growing for you all that serious. i'd dump his butt now, and figure out something else. i smell trouble. just start you're reg schedule back up starting with the next on/off time...
Yeah maybe even two times with light interuptions is okay with Good strain...Just dont allow to happen again..Irish Has great point
Thankyou much for your advice. That is great news, I am new at this forum, and happy to see that people around here(for the most part)are very knowledgeable. Also, you were right when u said that my Uncle isnt taking my grow very seriously. He doesnt have sick patients that depend on him,nor did he spend $ on genitics,equiptment...& all the other things im sure your aware of. Its just, I have no options. I rent a small house with a child, and i wont grow under the same roof as her. Honest people r so hard to come by it seems. Thanks for your input, and drop me a line any time.
Pistil Pete
This shouldn't be too detrimental to your grow (if it doesn't happen again). It is actually the interruption of the dark cycle that causes more problems.
Get those timers.They are cheap Little Brother. They will be OK,,but ya should know that girls dont like to be disturbed whilst they sleep. They can get a real attitude.:D
digital timer ,,,,13$,,no problems,,even has battery back up

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