Air cool hood Vs. open and AC in room

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Mar 5, 2007
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i have a 1,000w HPS in a 8" air cooled raptor hood.

i have a 18,000btu Window mounted AC unit.

The grow room is 12ft X 6ft.

outdoor temps are getting high. (80s during my light cycle)

its a sealed room with co2 injection and dehumidifyer.. i run a can fan on it now with 8" insolated duct.. air comes from outside, thru the light, and back outside.. rite now temps stay between 60-70 during lights on and between 50-60 lights off..

Now the prob is that my glass gets COVERD with all kinds of pollen and after a week or 2 its just way 2 much.. the raptor doesnt swing open so its very hard to clean.. i know im loosing a lot of lumins..

just wondering if anyone has experamented with this.. how much heat is this light really putting off? thanks for any help..
A bit of heat. You need a organic air hepa filter on the intake outside. You can build a box around it and hide it too without losing any extra cfm's.
Im with nouvellechef..I to run duct from outside through my lights and back out...I got the square filter from Homedepot for your furnace..says blocks pollen/mites/dust molacules...I just cutt some and use 6 in clamp ...last spring was bad on my lights as well...I feel for ya bro...but these filters will help..and I didnt notice a spike in heat

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
ahh good idea... im gonna do a little bit of testing without the glass and the air.. seeing as how i gotta take the glass off to clean it now anyway.. if i hook it back up ill def try that out.. i cant put a filter on the outside.. i built a box thats mounted in the window.. its painted black and has a U shape turn in it to keep any light from coming out.. from the outside you cant even tell theres anything there it just looks like a dark window.. even when the lights are on.. anyway so. not enough room outside for a filter.. but rite on the other side of the box.. perfect.. thanks alot
Without the glass, it is going to get hot hot hot.

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