Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is HOV

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Aug 11, 2020
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Whats good fellas. My boy told me about this forum and said he met some great people on this forum and that it wasn't nearly as toxic as some of the others that I am in. I am happy to be here and look forward to learning from some more seasoned growers than myself. I used to grow some Guerrilla outdoor back in the day when we had Nokia cell phones and dial up internet. I decided to grow again out of Covid boredom. I planted some bag seed in may using some beans I had been saving for a couple of years. I have a couple of Purple God, a Durban Diesel, Gorilla Glue and a Lemon Kush. After I started getting into this and remembering how much I enjoyed growing again, I decided to purchase what I needed for a 5x5 flower tent. I just ordered 2 x Electric Skies ES300 V2, and RO system, carbon filter, fans, etc. I also placed an order with seedsman and ordered Dark Devil, Tangie, Sweet Cheese, Black Cream, Blue Kush, Northern Lights, Maui Waui, Amnesia Haze, Super Silver OG, and Lemon Haze all in Autoflowers. I have planted 2 of each of these beans andwill have harvest in October. I am excited to be here and look forward to learning from you guys. cheers ladies and gents....
Cool,,ill be watching.
Make sure you post pics of your grow. We love weed porn.
Cool,,ill be watching.
Make sure you post pics of your grow. We love weed porn.

Thanks Mate. I will update some pics in a day or two. I need to upload them to either my laptop or Imgur or something. I will definitely be updating some pics tho. I am excited to see what these autos do. People knock bag seed it seems and sure it probably isn't as good as going through a breeder, but the Purple God they came from were ridiculous buds. The most purple buds id ever seen, smelled and tasted sweet and I had several 20+ gram buds that were insanely dense. I am hoping that at least one of these plants displays similar traits. I took several cuts from each plant and will be sending the mothers into flower in the next couple of weeks. I planted the Autos about 13 days ago so I will keep you guys updated.
No one knocks bagseed here. Every one of the older members have a bagseed success story, I promise you.
The OP is so sneaky, he hasn’t been here since Aug 2020…

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