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Mar 6, 2022
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It's pretty early into the flowering stage, 3 weeks and I have some yellow leaves on the bottom of my plants. I chalked this up to the fact that they were in the flowering stage however I'm not so sure anymore. Is this normal for the pH to be this low after watering? I checked the pH immediately after watering and then these pictures are from approximately 3 hours after watering. The pH of the soil is roughly 6.8-7 when the soil is dry. I use tap water which pH is about 6.5-6.7 roughly. I have been using Cal Mag and tiger bloom alternating on watering. Not every plant registers the same pH.


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What kind of soil are you using. Just curious. I can’t read your meter readings on you pic totally my eyes I’m sure. Did you say your PH was low after watering? I don’t get an accurate reading with dry soil with my meter similar to yours but when soil is wet right after watering, it’s pretty accurate compared to my run off readings with my pen. Close enough anyway I think. I haven’t used I much in the past but do like the moisture probe to check my 25 gallon pots for need of water as I can’t lift them like my tent pots. I recently have had low PH problems in flower and I think it my be attributed to the preloaded soil I used.
My outside plants were growing new leaves that were lighter green. I did a foliar feed yesterday. They looked better but not great so I doubled what I usually feed(I have been feeding them at half the recommended concentration) them this morning. The new growth darkened up nicely. As Crash said, they are hungry.
ditto what CrashMagnet and oldfogey8 said…they need more food

and I would not worry to much about loosing a few bottom fan leaves , happens all the time

otherwise they look pretty healthy

what flavor are they and do you get any fragrances when you rub the stalk?
@SubmarineGirl i did the runoff test the other at and got around 7. The only difference is in the flower stage instead of just using the tiger bloom I just started using calmag. The calmag says it's 2-0-0. I gave them one quarter dose fish fertilizer a few days ago. I'm using Miracle-Gro vegetable and Herb Moisture Control mixed with one bag of perlite and 1/3 of a bale of peat moss.

@CrashMagnet thanks for input, you too @bigsur51 & @oldfogey8. I'll hit them with N next watering. I'll go 1/2 dose.
@bigsur51 they are either Dutch-Passion passion fruit or Forbidden Fruit, I forgot to label them but I believe there's a couple of each, that's the two strains of seeds I planted and the leaves are different. I can't get enough of smelling these things, the buds have gotten so far to be about the size of a large marble and their fruity. It kind of takes me back in the day to the old scratch and sniff stickers that were like a berry smell, smells sweet and fruity. This is only the third week so I can't imagine what these will smell like in 4-5 weeks. One or more of these should turn purple, couple have had purple stems throughout the entire grow so I'm hoping they're just not all one strain and I don't get any purple ones because I'd really like to grow purple ones. I will know for sure later on what plan is what strain by their appearance.
@SubmarineGirl the ph in the pictures is about 5.5, it has been as low as 5. I have two smaller plants and their pH is about 5.8-6.2. I water them all at the same time with the same nutrients and I usually wait for the buckets to feel light and the leaves to start drooping 1/2 way up before I water.
Well, yellowing seems to be Progressive. Maybe I didn't hit them enough so today I loaded them. Watered them once this morning with cal-mag and fish fertilizer 1/2 strength and then again this afternoon with tiger bloom and fish fertilizer 1/2 strength. They have also really filled out again so I'm thinking maybe I should have removed some more fan leaves prior to switching them to flower. I have been removing fan leaves, very cautiously. One maybe two a day
Ph crept back up with the addition of the other nutes, Now in the 6.2-6.7 range.

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