Auto Flowering and FF Nutrients

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Mar 20, 2009
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Heyy This is my 3rd Auto Grow, But first grow with any kind of nutrients. I have the FF big bloom, Tiger bloom and grow big. Id like to hear from others about how MUCH per gal they put in and WHAT they put in/ mixed together ,,,,Which weeks should i use it on and when should i start it and stop it.

I see allot of FF scheduals on other sites but they are not for auto's and im pretty sure (from reading) you leave one of the FF products out... so If someone could please help me with a good auto feeding schedual, That would be GREAT!!!! THANKS A BUNCCCHHH
the schedule for FF is the same...IMO the one you wont need would be Grow Big as the auto starts flower before..Ive ran a few autos now and started flower nutes as soon as sex was shown..and all the way through..useing the FF chart from they website..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
I currently have 2 russian rocket fuels that are 50 days old... they were fed the grow big only once and the rest of the time i have used only the tiger bloom and carbo load from A.N. plus cal/mag. They are fed once a week or every other watering. To be honest, i just follow the feeding schedule on the back of the bottle, just start out with less than they recommend and work your way up. If the soil you use is prenuted then dont feed for first month or so. If ya have any more questions feel free to ask.
I am using FF big bloom and tiger bloom. my plants arnt autos, but they are small :D Because autos dont really veg, I dont know if you need grow big, but you can use big bloom during all phases if you want. I started using tiger bloom at 3 weeks flowering and will stop at 1 week left. Good luck mate
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