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Carty may be shutting down for the summer.... had a friend send me a box that today got confiscated as the Sub working today went to deliver it to my box at 10:55 this morning.. just says, Item pulled at senders request... um, no... he says it was double vac packed. Box was taped up well... so we don't think odor was an issue. Says I can fight it. HA. Plausible deniability, leave it.

So, you can imagine what this is doing to me mentally and why I am debating shutting down for a few months.. all I need is that knock on the door with a warrant... I can move things right across the street and cut my power bill by $75 a month... tear down my 2 tents and clean them.... the lights etc...

What to do what to do.... I have 2 plants 2wks away from chop, 7 in veg...

Sniper seeds strain Dosi Jedi Camel Toe I gave to my neighbor got the chop at day 78.. turned out pretty dang good to. so why not let him grow for us all summer.. just might be a win win.

Carty.. having a bad night
Sorry to hear this
Well, that is weird, not sure what I would do.
Depends what was in the box, flower, or just beans?
Actually, knowing me, I would say F it, and keep running, lol.
Damn, I don't miss that paranoid craziness of non legal growing.
They came to my door once. No warrant but they came back @4am with the black pajama boys and a warrant. Ex girlfriend tipped them off. Beach!
I'd leave it and forget about it. Keep rolling with your grow. If they want to come check you out for an illegal grow it may take months before they do..if at all. Cannabis isn't a real big issue with law enforcement lately.
Had someone in the Family who worked as a night supervisor and every time her crew smelled weed or suspected a package of containing weed it was returned to sender.......................Right into their pockets and out the door.
No paperwork was done and the package was simply gone, but return to sender stamp makes it look all better, who knows ......................................... I hope they are not watching your shipments.
Can't say for sure with cannabis, but with steroids if they were planning to "visit", you would have gotten a controlled delivery, not a canceled one.
Exactly what the wife said who worked for USPS for 9yrs.. besides, anyone could setup anyone sending them something they have no clue of then watch them get caught.. the sender has the worry, on camera usually..
Most don't care and just deliver it, this was a damn sub who works Saturdays.. kiss arse.. hahaha. My regular carrier has my back she says, so... bad timing... lol.

He actually asked me if I wanted him to resend it. Um, No... lol. I suggested him packing up an identical box, small priority, and putting a book in it.... see what they do. lol.

Nothing about the box said I grow it so not worried, plus I have a card so my house can wreak like a mofo from outside.... lol

Girls look amazing... the Muchacha F7 ladies are about done, 10-14 days, started the flush 2 days ago and more tonight. so fading should begin soon..
Thanks man... getting solid too.

Last night I had to up pot one of the taller girls in the 1gal pots... she's now in a 3gal pot and moved to the taller tent as she was almost hitting the light in the other.
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They look awesome
Washed up some more old pots today, need to up pot 2 more..

back is killing me though, hoping this FECO will help so I can get this done... unless anyone wants to come over ... lol
I'd love to come over Carty but two bad backs won't make things much faster. Hell we'd be to stoned to do it
I use to live in Florida. New Port Richie and later in Hudson. Loved it. Fished all the time.
I love fishing have not been since my brother Ken passed away. Mostly because I moved here to care for the parental units.
Yeah I haven't been fishing since I moved back to Texas and my Mom passed away in 2019. Me and her fished all the time when I first moved back. 😢

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