Best game to play when high?

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Do I lOoK hIgH???
Feb 28, 2006
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i usually play games when i am high im the type that likes to just chill and play a game when high or trip out on sumthin well yeah back to the point i usually play halo2 and more halo2 and some more halo2 lol its just a great game to play when ur stoned and its very fun to talk shit to ppl who think they the shit on it lol:D
yeah i would play that but everytime i do it freezes yeah it sux....
lol, just made a post about my game: Diablo 2. Such a damn fun game to play when you're high. :)
Any Tony Hawk Game. True Crime. The Hulk. The hulk is freakin great. just run around wrecking shit for hours. :D
im playing need for spees most wanted
my favoirt games when high
james bond golden eye n64
marvel vs capcom 2
alot of race games and fighting games
use to play mortal combat alot
play tony hawk too that shit tight
Video Games:
Need for Speed: Underground
(any) Tony Hawk
Simpsons Hit & Run
Kingdom Hearts
Haven: Call of the King
Grand Theft Auto 3 & Vice City

Computer Games:
Runescape ----
Ages of Empires

Other Games:
Well use your imagination... think Role Play
role play.
that sounds fun.
i also play gunz a computer gam and maple story and flyff all 3 for computer ms and flyff are mmorpg
final fanatsy 7 great game
tony hawk kick all your asses in it lol j/p
yeah, ive heard many good things about halo 2 while stoned, but im telling you, the best game to play while high is mario kart for N64, a very old school but classic game, next time ur stoned and u got a N64, play that
lol that sound like a good game spook313
my favorite game has to be Rock and Roll Racing or Zelda for SNES. my favorite thing to do if hunt, fish, kayake, or cruise down trails through the woods in my suzuki samurai with the top off.
lol..yeah that does sound like a good game..that was pretty good spook..

best game when stoned? far...Madden '06 (that is 'til 07 comes out)
Ya i use to play diablo 2 all the time whoever said that they did but now i play halo 2 alot.
the old need for speeds, 3 or 4. and midnight club cause its got a trippy intro, and games on, well some of them are fun, like bubble girl.

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