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Jun 25, 2011
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Alright... I'm setting up a grow that is going to be what frees me from having to buy smoke for myself, and have enough extra to smoke out a few friends occasionally. I've got some equipment already, and I have some ideas as to what I'm gonna have the final setup look like. Any suggestions are appreciated and cost is more or less no objection for new or different parts.

Current Equipment:
-1000w HPS w/ air cooled hood
-4x4 secret jardin
-(x2)400cfm fans w/ one cooling 1000w, and one pulling through Carbon filter
-bluelab combo ph/temp/EC meter cause I was planning on hydro setup
-variac voltage regulator so i can slow down the two 400s without the motors humming like when you use a speedster.
-oscillating tower fans (the cylinder fans) for inside the tent

I plan on getting two cloners and some fluorescents to keep going outside the tent in 24hr light, but other than that I'm not 100% sure this is exactly the setup i want plus idk if im gonna SOG/ScrOG/few huge plants or what. The number im shooting for is 7 pounds a year (which i dont really think i can do in a 4x4) but if i make even 4 I think ill be happy, and i dont care what harvest schedule acheives this.

*pics soon* :)
First look up Discount They have everything yu could want, with good pricing, and good service.
Next, definitely look into getting T5HO lights not CFLs (if yer setup will allow it. The T5s just work so much better)
Finally, if yu are looking at doing hydro (I wouldn't do anything else myself cuz I love the control of hydro) Then IMO using the large net baskets in 10gal rubbermade totes with a separate rezevoir and top feed is the way to go.
Good luck with it:)
BTW welcome to the "Passion"
A damn good grower will pull something like 1g per W. Advanced Nutrients go on about being able to pull 2lb per light (1000W, 9 plants lollypopped in 13 weeks). Ambition is good but it has to have some reality to it. I would advise forgetting about how much yield you will get until you have a grow or 2 under your belt and your setup dialled in. I think most new growers start out thinking that way but soon realise it doesnt work that way.

I think you would need more space and light than you are talking about and probably a year or 2 experience getting both you and the space dialled in before setting targets on how much yield you need.

I dont wanna dishearten you by saying these things, I want to instil a bit of ralism to this party. My advise would be get the T5's as HP suggested, excellent investment. Go hydro, recirculating deep water culture, use the space & equipment you have and progress from there. Once you have learned a bit, maybe invest in more kit. When buying genetics, dont skimp, buy good quality seeds from a reliable vendor and stick around here, we will all try and help you.

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