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Mar 7, 2005
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I recently started to see some yellow discoloring on the tips and a little bit on the middle. i thought i was over watering but when i began to examine the leaves more i started to notice that there were little white bugs flying around but they always seem to end up landing on the bottom leaves underneath the leaf. they are starting to multiply and slowley devour my plant :mad: . What can i do to kill these fuckers without killing my plant. thanks :cool:
dish liquid and water mixture in a spray bottle and spray your plants.
Weeddog is absolutely right.

A mild dish soap, diluted in water, is the best bug repelant.

You could go to a plant store and purchase an "all-natural" insecticide, but its not worth the money at all..

good luck
I'm happy to say never had bugs yet atleast :)

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