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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi guys just a a question on bulbs may sound stupid but i like to check first i have just bought a 600W grow light can i use lower wattage bulbs in it for veg or would there be to much power flowing through it? the bulb i have is a dual spectrum HPS Son T 600W bulb but i find it a wee bit hot for my growing room especially for young plants
I would not use a lower wattage. My ballasts state that the bulb wattage must match the ballast wattage.
I am with pc...unless you have a ballast built to handle different wattage bulbs I wldnt do it....I believe some of the better electronic ballasts are equipped to handle bulbs of different wattage.
ok guys cheers knew i should have gone for the dimmable digital ballast maybe next time cheers again
I don't use HIDs anymore at all to veg. You might want to look for some T5s if heat is a problem. They put out about the same lumens per watt as a MH, but since they are fluoro tubes, they spread the light better and they run a lot cooler.
:holysheep: Use the right wattage bulb for the ballest,, that's how bad things happen when you start doing that crap, your just asking for trouble! Have you Ever seen a HID Bulb Burst? It is Crazy Dangerous so please don't do that:eek:

Just lift the light higher from the young plants. I use 600s too, Not Air cooled, the older type!, I find that I have to have them about 18-20 inches from the bulb. Get some Fans a couple put one pointed right on the bulb as close as you can Rig it and the other blowing thru the plants, should help. I grow Frosty buds @ 18-20 inches from 600hps, so its not to far for young ones you can even go further if needed 30 inches and they will still grow fine.

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