Cal/Mag def?

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This is a Heavy Juicy Fruity, one of the attitude freeby's.
Along with a couple of others, I ran into problems early in veg with a bubbler, the ph was up around 6.8 for a week.
To try and recover the plant, I threw it in some cheap soil I got from a garden centre, Westland +, which is pre-nuted for 8 weeks. (I know, big mistake but other plants I have in this stuff are doing ok and it became a sort of experiment for a soil grow)

A couple of weeks ago, it started showing this deficiency, I gave it some calmag for veg (AN) in the hope it would clear up. The new growth looks fine and its recovery has been great but the older fan leaves still show this deficiency.
2 questions.
Was my diagnosis of calmag def correct?
Will the damage go away?

Thanks W

Most damage to older leaves is permanent...but as long as new growth looks healthy I wldnt worry too much. By the time most of my ladies cross the finish line they are loaded with battle scars on the lower leaves. Jmo
yeah I agree...looks fine too me...

take care and be safe
Thanks guys,
I often get this calmag thing, looks like rusty blotches on the fan leaves only. Since I run multiple strains in the same totes, certain strains, Lemon Haze being particularly bad for it, others , such as Blue Cheese, dont suffer from it. Dialling in I guess though the strains that show this def will be phased out.

W you add cal/mag when going into flower?....I use it a few times while in flower works well for me...keep banging them out my friend

dman1234 said:
Isnt it Heavy Duty Fruity?

Dya know Dman, you are spot on. We have some candy here in the UK called Juicy Fruity, I think in my less than sober condition when I posted that I must have been on the verge of needing a sugar fix!!!!!

Either that or I messed up, either way you are right fella :D
4u2sm0ke said: you add cal/mag when going into flower?

I dont normally get calmag def when flowering. My biggest issue in flowering is getting burning due to having the lights too close to me plants. They are in cooltubes and you can actually place your hand on the tube they are that cool so judging where to place them to prevent burning is awkward.

I run a perpetual harvest with 3 plants going in every 2 weeks and the most recent plants I put in to flower have not suffered from bleaching/burning.

The cal/mag def always appears in veg around 6 weeks on certain strains and since I only recently started giving them cal/mag I dont know if it is solved yet.

Peace W

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